Michael Worsnop 


I joined the PWSTS in August 1957, and what a great time we had. Although it was very hard going at first we soon got into the swing of the routine. After our four months training four of us Fred Silk, Edward Temple, Brian Yates, and myself joined the SS Orsova. After a great time, I joined the Loch Loyal with Fred Silk for a voyage.

I then came ashore and married Carol and we have been married now for 46 years and have four children and have six grandchildren and one great grandson. I had numerous jobs after leaving the sea until I did a six year apprentice as a Calico Printer In 1977 we then went to South Africa where I was employed as a printing manager. After 15 years we came back to the UK in 1991 and went working at a firm that made parts for the aircraft industry. I ran the stores and bought all materials for the aircraft parts, until I retired last year. It was so interesting to read all that we got up to when we were at PWSTS.

We went over to France last year from Dover it was so nice to bring back those memories of the freezing swims in Dover harbour in November and Our cross country running up the white cliffs to the lighthouse, which I never made, got as far as I could then joined the pack as they came back.