Colin Robert Winter


Colin Winter with his dadI attended PWSTS in Derwent Class 20-05-63 to 21-09-63

I went to sea at age 16 in SS Orsova for P&O and later on worked for Shell Oil on the tanker SS Asprella. I was only at sea for about a year and a half before going ashore. I did go to sea again in October 1966 when I joined the US Navy and spent a tour of duty in Vietnam on Blanco County, LST 344. I spent a second tour of duty on USS Tioga County in San Diego before leaving the military and attending university at California State University- San Jose.

After graduating from university I began a career with The New York Times on the business side. I have been with The Times about 24 years now. I am married to my wife, Donna. We have three grown daughters and four grand children.

We live in Campbell, California about 50 miles south of San Francisco.

Colin Winter with his mum in Dover